Ergh, it’s time to implement billing again.

Let Kanuu
handle it for you!

Kanuu provides a beautiful subscription interface for your customers, allowing you to focus on your product.

How does it work?

Kanuu sits between Paddle and your application. You start by securely redirecting your customers to Kanuu and then listen for changes using Paddle’s webhooks or by using our Subscription API.

How much
will this cost me?

Nothing until you start making money! And once you have 10 paying customers, our Unlimited plan is only at $25/month no matter how many customers you have.


Our free starter plan gives you everything you need to let your customers manage their subscriptions.

Fully managed,
subscription manage area
Fully white labelled
10 subscribed customers*

Our unlimited plan removes any restrictions from the free plan allowing you to continue focusing on your products growth.

Everything from the free plan
Unlimited subscribed customers
Custom Domains

*Even with the free plan, you can generate as many customer links as you like and we will only count customers who have subscribed to one of your plans.

What are other people saying?

Hear how Adrian Spataru uses Kanuu to easily add billing management to

I have more

No worries, we’ve prepared some frequently asked questions for you. If you can’t find your answer or if you just want to reach out to us, feel free to contact us via email or directly on Twitter.

How is my Paddle account used

To securely use your Paddle account we allow you to add your Paddle Vendor ID and a Paddle API key to your Kanuu account. Once this is in place we use these to make API calls to Paddle, to fetch plan information, subscription information and customer invoice data.

What data do you store on my customers?

Almost nothing! When you use our API to generate a link for your customers to use all we ask for is a unique reference for that customer, something like their database ID or uuid, so Kanuu can identify that same customer again in the future. All other billing data is collected by Paddle during checkout, and that stays between you and Paddle.

Why does this exist?

The Kanuu team, like you, are product developers. We've collectively spent 100s of hours implementing the same billing interfaces time and time again. We build Kanuu for ourselves so we can focus on delivering product value and not wasting time on billing. Knowing this works we wanted to share it with other teams so they could focus on what they are good at too!

Why Paddle?

We use Paddle for most of our other products, as EU citizens we love their easy approach to subscription management and helping us get paid. We may expand to other platforms in the future but Paddle checks all the boxes for us and hopefully it will for you too!


Ready to give it go? You can start using Kanuu on your application today! Simply register and follow our quick onboarding wizard. We’ve also got a documentation to help you get started.