Why you should use Kanuu

Who is Kanuu for

Kanuu was built to give indie makers, solo founders and new SaaS products a quick, easy and reliable way to add a billing UI to their application.

If you fall into this category you've probably felt some pain either right now or in the past when it comes to adding, and maintaining, a billing UI. Generally all billing UIs look the same (or very similar), plan selection, current subscription, cancellation, and invoice list. These billing UIs need adding to every product you build if you plan on taking money from your customers. So why build this yourself, every time?

Kanuu works with Paddle, we chose Paddle because we believe they share similar values when it comes to making it easy to run a SaaS product - taking care of tax compliance for example.

What Kanuu offers

Kanuu gives you a solid, no frills, billing UI. Completely white labelled, on your own custom domain (premium feature).

This makes adding a billing UI to your product a breeze. We are talking 5 minutes to set up. It's really that simple.

Once setup, you can use Kanuu's APIs to determine whether users are subscribed or listen for Paddles webhooks directly. That's part of the beauty of Kanuu, it uses your Paddle account, there is zero lock in. If you decide to roll out your own billing UI in the future, everything is there for you, and although we will be sad to see you leave, we can be happy we got you that far!

Why use Kanuu then

Kanuu wants you to focus on delivering your product's value by sweating the details when it comes to a billing UI. Kanuu is built by indie makers and prolific builders who were tired of building the same UIs over and over again. You may have heard the phrase 'buy or build' before, as makers and solo founders our time is better served elsewhere and almost always 'buy' wins out. The thing with Kanuu, it's free until you have some paying customers - so you aren't even really buying before you are earning your own money.

I hope our first, little, article helps you understand some of what Kanuu has to offer.